The danger of “standing ‘at ease’ on the right leg.

What danger causes scoliosis?

Correspondence by e-mail with Prof.Dr.Karski.

22nd May 2015) Dear Ingrid Kersten, many thanks for your Email. I would like to speak with you about your last Email sent also to me – with the information about thousands – thousands of people suffering because of scoliosis. The possibility for causal prophylaxis is open. Biomechanical etiology answers all the questions about the so-called idiopathic scoliosis. On my Web Site  I will give more and more information about the possibility of prophylaxis. Just now – I inform you – and please inform all people on your Web Site – about the danger of  “standing ‘at ease’ on the right leg“. It is an important cause of scoliosis in second group in Lublin (Karski) classification. In the new classification, this group of patients is very big. Later – after years of live – they have “degenerative scoliosis” often paresis of (mostly) left leg (of foot), a lot of pain day and night in the lumbar part of spine with radiation to the leg. Please mention on your Web Site – put also my address of my Web Site  And – last information – that professor Karski is able to consulate the patients from Nederland and other countries – here in Lublin.  We have two year airports( Lublin – Swidnik) –  it is easy to come to Lublin for consultation – for example from Frankfurt.

Patients can contact and write to me also in German. 

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