Scoliosis:’Prevent or cure’.

from scoliosis to normal axis in 4 years

 Scoliosis: ‘Prevent cure’.


Though, perhaps one has forgotten and lost themselves in the search of permanent surgical scoliosis solutions.  Many professionals working within the scoliosis-care are convinced of the fact, that the current methods aren’t working sufficiently and effective enough. They aren’t providing the necessary support and relief patients need.

Every day these professionals are confronted with problems of scoliosis patients and their daily, suffering and desperation and are certain of the ineffective implementation of this contemporary treatment. The problem is, among others, poor collaboration with the physician, (usually the orthopedic surgeon) and the lack of communication between doctor, therapist and orthotics specialist about the course of treatment to follow. Without the necessary medical instructions and follow up support in the treatment, therapists and orthotic specialists are having a hard time.

The lack of communication, no access to X-rays and other failing matters are influencing the effectiveness of the treatment and becomes a mission impossible for professional and patient, with a minor chance of success as a result. Collaboration in the treatment of patients used to be a standard procedure.  It should be reintroduced!

Dr. P.J.M. van Loon, Chief Medical Officer at Zami Life and consultant orthopedic surgeon, Care to Move Deventer and author of many articles, wrote about the collaboration between professionals:

‘Physiotherapy disappeared mainly due to the rise of the physical techniques in the seventies, and with it also the knowledge of the pose as a core theme of growing well. New relationships between doctors and the physiotherapists didn’t made the communication between each other’s knowledge and disciplines better‘; says Dr. P.J.M. van Loon.


Change of insight.

There have been reports of change in the positions of orthopedic, with respect to the necessity to operate of scoliosis patients.There is a slight chance among physicians who are starting to doubt on the effectiveness of surgery of scoliosis patients and consider switching  from non-conservative to  conservative treatment, to return to the post-war approach on scoliosis.

The Dutch orthopedist P.J.M. van Loon is such an example. Author of many articles over the years, van Loon bases his analysis on the classic German orthopedics from the nineteenth century,’Germans knew very well how to make children strong and flexible, therefore German soldiers were always more resilient than the American, British or French soldiers. But also the girls were treated equally, by the great attention to a healthy, well-grown body during growth. The early European orthopedics was always strongly focused on education and the posture of children. Systems thinking lies behind that. The physiotherapy was intended to offset the sedentary behavior of children by measuring with a good posture, to develop all muscle groups and all the joints sufficiently to provide sufficient freedom of movement’.



The world wars of the twentieth century, according to Van Loon, are largely to blame that this knowledge is now no longer naturally present in the Orthopedics and gymnastics,

The Anglo-Saxon medicine has always been solution-oriented and they have never read the German scientific works, so that knowledge about preventive health never penetrated there. During the wars, the preventive side and systems thinking about the posture additionally faded into the background. All the doctors who knew anything of bones were brought to the front to solve acute problems there. You can still see the influence of it, until the day of today. In America and England each fracture was treated by an orthopedist, whereas in the Netherlands due to long neutrality, it was picked up by orthopedics only after the sixties’.

‘Now we do have more knowledge and resources to explore what happens inside (MRI and laboratory tests) and what consequences occur (biochemical shifts such as osteoporosis, steatosis,  glucose surplus etc.), but a common sense, using the clinical view and more system thinking (instead of super specialization) will mean more , like it used to be, for this major socio-medical problem. Again orthopedics should dust and renew its role and knowledge of posture, attitude care, utility and scope of preventive and conservative treatment ‘, says orthopedist Piet van Loon, Chief Medical Officer at Zami Life and consultant orthopedic surgeon, Care to Move Deventer.


Why keep reinventing the wheel, when the solution is there for the taking.

The use of common sense, use of the clinical view and system thinking, dig up effective proven ancient knowledge, combined with new visions regarding the discovered etiology of scoliosis, will provide the desperately required solution for this unpleasant illness. It is time that decision are being made. All resources for a successful treatment of idiopathic scoliosis whether it is to prevent, to reduce or even to cure by early screening are available. Let’s use them!

Scoliosis prevention is better thans cure


Our proposal in solving the problems:

  1. Direct reintroduction of school screening and start of early prevention from 3 months.
  2. Training of general practitioners, physiotherapists and Cesar and exercise therapists etc.
  3. Start of objective clinical trials, carefully selected by independent specialist and researchers, involving old proven effective knowledge combined with new visions regarding the discovered etiology of scoliosis thoroughly and shall be tested. Worldwide participation through open enrollment.
  4. Preventive education and instruction of parents to support scoliosis patients at home.


Scoliosis:’Prevent or cure’.

Why can’t it be better?


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