Prof. dr. V. Serdyuk

Biography (CV) of prof. Valentyn Serdyuk


My-photoValentyn Victor Serdyuk was born in 1942, in Ukraine (former Soviet Union). After graduation from a high school worked as a hospital attendant. From 1960 till 1966 was a student of Odessa medical institute (Ukraine). Simultaneously with studies at the medical institute studied English (during three years) at special linguistic school, after graduation of which received a diploma of an interpreter. After graduation from Odessa medical institute with honors received a qualification of a physician.

From 1966 till 1970 worked as general surgeon. In 1970 after 6 months of studies in Kiev institute of orthopaedics and improvement of professional skill, received a qualification of an orthopaedic surgeon. From 1971 till 1974- postgraduate student with specialisation in traumatology and orthopаedics. In 1974 defended PhD thesis for medical sciences with a topic”Surgical treatment of delayed Achlilles tendon ruptures”, invented new method of their treatment, defended with a patent. In 1974 was given a title of candidate of medical sciences, worked as an assistant professor.

In 1986 defended Doctoral thesis for medical sciences with a topic “Complex treatment of damages of big joints and open fractures, complicated with infection”. In 1986 was given a title of doctor of medical sciences. From 1991 till nowadays – Professor of the department of traumatology and orthopaedics of Odessa National Medical University. In 1993 was elected as an active member of Ukrainian Academy of Inventors.
































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