Scoliosis clinical examples

 Scoliosis clinical materials of Prof.Serdyuk and Prof.Karski

 Dr. Serdyuk:
                                                       Clinical examples of prof.Serdyuk  Ukraine                                                                            

Photo 2


Photo 1. Fantastic follow-up results of treatment of the same girl.From left to right- age-14 years, next- 15 years, last from the right side- 17 years of age. What is important that no surgery or brace were used. Only- shoe-inlaid, rotational exercises and magneto therapy. Photo 1 and 2 are the same girl


Photo 3 Girl 10 years of age, who began treatment in 2003 (relative shortening of the left leg- 3,5 mm). She was checked two months later and then- two years later. There was no spinal deformation, no shortening. The best period for correction of spine is 2-4-6 years of age when tissues are elastic, sooner-the better.












Case 1a klein

Photo 4 Girl of 14 years of age, who began treatment in 2007 (with shoe-inlaid of 38 mm hight under left heel, rotational exercises and magnetotherapy along spinal column), then she was checked 2 years after, shortening reduced to 20 mm. Next checking- in 2011, shortening reduced to 10 mm and at last, last checking was done some days ago.As you can see her spine looks wonderful, there is no shortening. So it took 8 years for restoration of the muscle balance without surgery and brace.Yes she has lumber vertebrae of clinoid shape, what is the reason of their rotation, what is seen only on X-ray picture.

Clinical examples  of Prof.Dr.Karski

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