The cause of scoliosis by Prof. Serdyuk Ukraine


SCOLIOSIS- TWISTED SPINE is known for more than 5000 years from time of Pharaohs.

– Idiopathic “S” means unknown (more than 80-90% of all cases) is affecting adolescent girls and has genetic tendency.

– Other reasons of development of spine’s deformations- tuberculosis, trauma, congenital malformations, cerebral palsy, rarely poliomyelitis, neurofibromatosis (genetic disorder), leg length inequality.

– In each country there are centers for treatment of ‘S’, in Great Britain at present there are 20 such centers.


The Cobb angle is a measure of the curvature of the spine in degrees, and the number of degrees helps the doctor decide what type of treatment is necessary.

A Scoliosis curve of 10-15 degrees usually means that nothing needs to be done, except for regular checkups until pubertal maturation and growth are complete  (the curvature of the spine does not usually get worth after that point).

If the curve is 20-40 degrees, the orthopedists will generally suggest a back brace.

A Cobb angle of 40-50 degrees or more may mean that surgery is necessary. Surgery includes fusion of spine with different metal constructions (rods, Trolley technique, etc.).

Nowadays more and more doctors come to the conclusion that surgery is not the best solution of “S” problem. Intolerable back pain is the main reason for surgery, but pain does not disappear after surgery.

 Prof.Valentyn Serdyuk is the author of nonsurgical treatment of this malady in young children and teenagers, based upon restoration of correct biomechanics of spine (SYSTEM OF BALANCED BODY TREATMENT- or BALANCE THERAPY). Such treatment is based on usage of his two revolutionary scientific discoveries, one disclosing the mystery (nature) of idiopathic scoliosis and the other- of the nature of internal diseases. New method of scoliosis treatment includes electro-magnetic acoustic therapy for restoration of spinal cord function and normalization of bone`s density of vertebrae, realized with new apparatus and method of treatment (Prof.V.Serdyuk is the author of both of them).

New method of treatment is described in details in the Prof.V.Serdyuk’s book ‘Scoliosis and Spinal pain syndrome. New understanding of their origin and ways of successful treatment’, edited in New Delhi (India), In English, hard cover, 406 pages. For obtaining the book you may address to the author.



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