Scoliosis awareness month: Sense or nonsense?

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This month June is ‘Scoliosis awareness month’: hard to ignore.

Numerous initiatives have been launched to promote recognition and gain more insight into the disease. With the main objective: get attention for the prevailing scoliosis issues and  convince governments, orthopedic surgeons and other practitioners to place this subject firmly on top of the national and international political agenda.

Despite all good intentions and convincing commitments from the policymakers,  the issue disappears always, to the bottom of the pile.

Obviously it is very clear that awareness month does not work.

Time for a different approach.


  • Form of one massive ‘global platform, with the members of patients’ associations, groups, societys, organizations, etc. worldwide.
  • Integrate social networks, awareness arises because of the knowledge transfer and knowledge share among patients, parents and professionals.
  • Connect these independent and objective parties and one solid mass organization is formed.
  • The representatives of this professional organization will come forward to protect and defend the interests of 28 million scoliosis patients.
  • The delegates of the party are equal partners at the negotiating table and participate in the discussion and decision-making and put scoliosis back on the global map and the political agenda.

What do you think of this initiative?

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It should be scoliosis awareness day every day!

Never stop asking yourself:  Scoliosis: ‘why can’t it better’?



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