Non surgical result within 2 years Magtherapy by Dr.V.Serdyuk

non surgical

1. Boy, 15 years old, relative shortening of the right leg for 10 mm. january 2014



2. Same boy , in the process of treatment, shortening of the right leg 10 mm. may 2015.


3. In the process of treatment, shortening of the right leg now 8 mm. December 2014.


4. 1,5 years from the start of treatment, Shortening of the right leg 5 mm. June 2015.


5. Shortening 5 mm. February 2016. Treatment continues.
















During 2 years of treatment only with usage of shoe-inlaid and magtherapy Dr Serdyuk achieved fantastic results. Shortening decreased from 10mm. to 5 mm.  The treatment hasn’t eneded yet.

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