Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis : ‘The current state of affairs’.

The cause

Generally spoken, scoliosis is an underestimated problem. Worldwide 280 million patients are suffering of scoliosis and in the future it will further increase due to natural population growth. That is not the only reason for the explosive increase of AIS patients, it is also as a result of other factors.

The current situation shows that the problems within the Idiopathic scoliosis care are extensive and a concatenation of factors, maintained by the vicious circle in which it is situated.

Revealing the etiology of AIS, is the best base to start finding long term solutions. Without this ‘science’, the cycle will never be broken and all problems still remain the samecause afb.3 cirkles pngThe consequences

At present, reintroduction of school screening is meaningless, since there is no ‘conservative’ treatment combating scoliosis effectively. All existing conservative therapies are symptom-fighters and don’t address the cause of scoliosis, which is one of the reasons why AIS is recurrent.  As a results of these conclusions the waiting lists in hospitals will further increase, there will be more operations, more children will be exposed to severe health risks and school screening will always remain debatable. It all stays the same.

Professor Ludwig van Rijn, head of the orthopedic department Maastricht UMC + and author of the article: ‘currently: ‘Screening is certainly of great use’, emphasizes: ‘The consequences of abolition on the screening are now starting to become clear. At present, children come to the clinic with severe curves. Severe back disorders are not noticed in time’.

Due to the abolition of school screening, children diagnosed with AIS, are nowadays most of the time discovered by coincidence. This results in an alarming increase of the number of children with very large curves, which often appears on the first consultation with their physician.  They are too late for conservative treatment and mostly surgery is the only option.

The current situation shows that the problems within the Idiopathic scoliosis care are extensive and a concatenation of factors, maintained by the vicious circle in which it is situated.

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This ‘hopeless’ situation will never lead to satisfactory results unless any structural long-term action will be taken.  Surprisingly quick and easy I found,  two evidence-based treatment programs, during my research on scoliosis, both claiming to prevent and reduce the onset of scoliosis over more than 20 years.

The results are impressive: Thousands of patients have been treated successfully for idiopathic scoliosis, through 2 different prophylactic methods  and  both very effective while combined with early screening; Conclusion; neither medication, nor surgery.  There is only one drawback, these methods are not available in countries outside Poland and Ukraine.

Many questions arose; ‘why are these prophylactics methods not available outside Poland and Ukraine? Why was it so easy to gather access to this information? Why is it kept as if it is classified information and why is it still hidden from patients who are suffering of scoliosis’? Do patients have a voice and choice in this and their treatment options? Are there any other interests, more important than the wellbeing of the patients?

What is the possible answer to the above theorem and part of the solution?

The possible answers for these questions needs further objective research and it confirms the need of profound independent investigation in favor to the solution of the problems, that surrounds idiopathic scoliosis.

Independent and objective research means to give every possible solution for the issues a fair chance to proof itself or not.

Two independent evidence-based studies show that early screening is very effective once it is accompanied by a prophylactic treatment and it will provide the evidence that early treatment leads to a reduced need to surgery.

The two leading experts; prof. Dr. V.Serdyuk and prof. Dr. T.Karski with tremendous service, studied independently the etiology of idiopathic scoliosis and unraveled the pathogenesis. Simultaneously and independently they developed two different prophylactic treatment methods that over 20 years has prevented many children from AIS through early screening.

Professor Dr. V.Serduyk University of Odessa Ukraine author of the book; ‘Balancing nonsurgical therapy or infantile and juvenile idiopathic scoliosis 2014’.

Professor Dr. T.Karski University of Lublin Poland, scientific research 2014, author of the book: ‘The biomechanical etiology of the so-called idiopathic scoliosis’.


Starting objective and independent clinical trials with the 2 prophylactic methods, combined with school/early screening, will be the best first step to improve and gain long-term treatment solutions.

We owe it to the patients to remove all obstacles standing in the way to make a life-time well  considered choice by  offering a complete range of possibilities and  create a transparent ‘own decision model ’ without any commercial interests, but with the best possible support and care.

Empowering people and improving the lives of all patients, by giving them a voice and choice should be our only ambition.

We will continue our efforts to clarify all these questions.


Next time: ‘the magnitude of the problems worldwide of AIS identified’.


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