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  • Scoliosis awareness: ‘Waste of time or time well spent’.
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    It is hard to ignore that June still is Scoliosis is awareness month. To assess whether this campaign is a waste of time or time well spent, further investigation seems inevitable to get closer to the core. What does scoliosis awareness means in the sense of awareness? The Cambridge dictionary describes awareness  as follows; Knowledge that […]

  • Picture of scoliosis awareness day 2015
    Scoliosis awareness month: Sense or nonsense?
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        This month June is ‘Scoliosis awareness month’: hard to ignore. Numerous initiatives have been launched to promote recognition and gain more insight into the disease. With the main objective: get attention for the prevailing scoliosis issues and  convince governments, orthopedic surgeons and other practitioners to place this subject firmly on top of the […]

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